Explanations of icons

Product Status

Under development Products under development.
Please contact us for sample availability and mass production schedule.
In Production Product is in mass production.
NRND Not recommended for new design.
To be discontinued We are planning to discontinue production of this item. 'Last Time Buy' date or Discontinuation date may be shown on our web site.
Before these dates, please contact us with your requirements.
Discontinued Production of this product has stopped.
New This is a new product. Please contact Murata regarding pricing and delivery.
Recommended product Murata particularly recommends this product for reasons of size and performance.
Please contact Murata regarding pricing and delivery.

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General General For applications that do not require the particular reliability such as the general equipment
Infor-tainment Infor-tainment The product for entertainment equipment like car navigations, car audios, and body control equipment like wipers, power windows.
Power-train Power-train The product for high reliability applications like powertrain and safety, in addition to infortainment applications.
AEC-Q200 AEC-Q200 AEC-Q200 compliant product (* Deviation may be submitted. Please contact us for details.)

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Available operating temperature

155℃ 155℃max Can be used up to 155oC Max.
* There are icons of plural temperature.

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Wound(Ferrite) Wound(Ferrite) Wound structure inductor which has ferrite material core.
→Detailed explanation
Wound(Metal) Wound(Metal) Wound structure inductor.
The use of magnetic iron powder ensure capability for large current.
→Detailed explanation
Wound(Non mag) Wound(Non mag) Wound structure inductor.
Using non-magnetic core like alumina material, shows high performance in high frequency range.
→Detailed explanation
Film Film Inductor of the film structure.
→Detailed explanation
Multilayer Multilayer Inductor of the multilayer structure.
→Detailed explanation
2in1 2in1 Less space by "2 coils in 1unit" structure inductor.

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Low Rdc Low Rdc Low DC resistance type
Bias Bias Bias current characteristics improved
Hi Q type Hi Q type High Q type
Tight Tight inductance tolerance available

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Mounting method

Reflow OK Reflow soldering applicable
Flow OK Flow soldering applicable

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Environmental response

RoHS対応 RoHS Directive compliant product
This product contain no restricted substances specfied by RoHS Directive with more than maximum concentration value by weight in homogeneous material, except for cases falling under RoHs exemptions.
Restricted substances Maximum concentration value.
Restricted substances Maximum concentration value
Lead 0.1%
Mercury 0.1%
Cadmium 0.01%
Hexavalent chromium 0.1%
Polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) 0.1%
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) 0.1%
Bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) 0.1%
Butyl benzyl phthalate (BBP) 0.1%
Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) 0.1%
Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP) 0.1%

Reach Regulation compliant product:
The Product complies to provisions of REGULATION (EC) No 1907/2006 (Reach).

Restriction of the substances contained in the article under Reach:
REACH regulation impose restrictions of product applications and substance ban on the basis of Article 67.1.
The inclusion of a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) in the Candidate List creates the duty to communicate information on substances in articles to allow safe use of the article, which is applicable to suppliers in Europe (Reach Article 33). It does not impose any restrictions on the use of the products, nor is it a substance ban. Please check "Murata products containing SVHC and Information on safe use".

[General Comments]
Regarding compliance with the environmental requirements other than the above, please contact sales representative.