Wire Wound Ferrite Inductor for Power Lines


“#” indicates a package specification code.

For RF Choke, Voltage Conversion


Explanation of Product Status

Under Development Products under development
Please contact us for product availability and sample lead-time.
Available Product is in mass production.
to be discontinued End of Life ( Deadline for last orders, Date of discontinuation )
has already announced.
Please inform us for your necessary quantity before due date.
Discontinued product Production of this product has stopped. Contact Murata for inventory availability and possible alternative products.
New product It's new item.
Recommended product This product is particularly recommended among our products currently in production.
NRND Even it is still in production, market demand tends to shift to other products.
No further capacity expansion for the future. Not recommended for new design.
  • General
  • 85℃
  • Wire wound type (Ferrite)
  • Reflow OK
  • Complies with RoHS
  • Complies with REACH


Explanation of Product Characteristic Icons

Comsumer For applications that do not require the particular reliability such as the general equipment Infotainment The product for entertainment equipment like car navigations, car audios, and body control equipment like wipers, power windows.
Powertrain The product for high reliability applications like powertrain and safety , in addition to infortainment applications. AEC-Q200 AEC-Q200 compliant product (* Deviation may be submitted. Please contact us for details.)
155℃ Can be used up to 155℃ max. Wound(Shield) Wound structure inductor which has ferrite material core.
Detailed explanation
Wound(Metal) Wound structure inductor.The use of magnetic iron powder ensure capability for large current.
Detailed explanation
Wound(No Shield) Wound structure inductor.Using non-magnetic core like alumina material, shows high performance in high frequency range.
Detailed explanation
Film Inductor of the film structure.
Detailed explanation
Multilayer Inductor of the multilayer structure.
Detailed explanation
2 coils in 1 unit Less space by "2 coils in 1unit" structure Low Rdc Low DC resistance type
Bias Bias current characteristics improved Hi Q type High Q type
Tight Tight inductance tolerance available Reflow OK Reflow soldering applicable
Flow OK Flow soldering applicable Complied with RoHS Complied with RoHS Directives
Detailed explanation
REACH Conformed to REACH Control    

< List of part numbers with package codes >

LQW15DN150M00D 、 LQW15DN150M00B


L size 1.10 ±0.1mm
W size 0.65 ±0.1mm
T size 0.6 ±0.1mm
Size code in inch (mm) 0402 (1005)


Inductance 15µH ±20%  
Inductance test frequency 10MHz  
Rated current (Isat) (Based on Inductance change) 100mA  
Rated current (Itemp) (Based on Temperature rise) 100mA  
Max. of DC resistance 6.555Ω  
Avg. of DC resistance 5.7Ω±15%  
Self resonance frequency (min.) 20MHz  
Operating temperature range -40~85℃  
Class of magnetic shield Magnetic Resin  
Series LQW15DN_00  


When applied Rated current to the Products, Inductance will be within ±30% of nominal Inductance value.
When applied Rated current to the Products, temperature rise caused by self-generated heat shall be limited to 40°C max.


Specifications Minimum quantity
D φ180mm Paper taping 8000
B Packing in bulk 500
Mass (Typ.)
1 piece 0.002g
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