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We provides suitable inductors to any applications using various manufacturing processes and various structures.

LQP Series

RF Inductor - Film Type -


  • Ultra-miniature size
  • High Q value and small size
  • Minimal tolerance in inductance, finely graded inductance levels

Uses and applications

Matching circuts of power amplifieras
RF matching circuits that require small sizes, minimal tolerance in inductance and high Q

LQG Series

RF Inductor - Multilayer Type -


  • Line-up with wide range of inductance values
  • Higher reliability

Uses and applications

Matching circuits of RF units, choke circuits

LQW Series

RF Inductor/For power Lines - Wire Wound Type -


  • Two types of structure are available for various applications
  • Extremely high Q (Quality factor) value
  • Large currents can be supported

Uses and applications

RF matching circuits requiring Q value characteristics ,
Choke circuits that support Large currents levels , Antenna matching circuits

LQM/LQH Series

For Power Lines Inductor/General Circuits Inductor


LQM (Multilayer Type)
  • Ideal for small size/low profile areas
  • Magnetic shielded structure
LQH (Wire Wound Type)
  • Lineup of various sizes
  • Can be used for high inductance values, and is ideal for power supply booster circuits.

Uses and applications

Mobile phones, digital cameras, TV, HDD, game machines

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