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Metal terminal type monolithic ceramic capacitors KRM Series

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  • Complied with RoHS
  • Anti-noise
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  • Deflectingcrack
  • Solderingcrack

Bonding the metal terminals to external electrodes solves design issues by mounting large size MLCC!


Bond metal terminals to the external electrodes of chips.

The stress applied to the chip is relieved by the elastic action of the metal terminal.

Bond metal terminals to the external electrodes of chips

Substantially reduces noise, board deflection cracks and soldering cracks.

This product is not damaged even with a board deflection of 6 mm.
Solder cracks do not occur even with 2,000 cycles of heat stress.

Acoustic noise is reduced with metal terminals/Reduces stress caused by board deflection/Suppresses solder cracks caused by heat stress

Demonstrates replacement value of low noise capacitors Experience the effectiveness of the KRM Series.

2 chips can be stacked.

Realize large capacity by stacking 2 capacitors.